Hily- A Dating App Developed With AI Technology

Hily is one of the most downloaded dating apps for mobile users. Although Hily has lots of features similar to other dating platforms, it employs different matchmaking algorithms. While other apps focus on the members’ geographical location, Hily has highly focused on Machine Learning technology. You can find the common swiping feature in this dating app. However, there are lots of other details to attract your interest in the app.

How Does Hily Work?

The interface of Hily app creates a feel similar to that of Tinder. Hily enables you to play short videos of other members. Surely, you will get fun watching these videos. You will receive a notification while a member has liked your profile.

Although Hily has a free version, the app may ask you to buy Hily Elixir, the premium service. To get more advantages, you may choose this premium version. Hily Elixir gives you a free trial of one week, and then, it automatically asks you to pay for its weekly package.

How To Use Hily?

You may have created your Hily account and logged in to the app. Now, you can find two options. One of them is the Finder mode where you can find lots of profiles. Hily identifies the zip code of your location to find out matches in the nearby location. You can like or dislike those matches by hitting their profile icons. You can click on the Like button of several profiles.

  • The new dating app, Hily has a growing community. It displays you the option of inviting others, and you will get advantages for these invitations.
  • You may invite your Facebook friends and send links to others through email.
  • There is also a Filter option to let you find profiles based on age and gender. Thus, you can hit the best matches in the app, Hily.
  • The Message Mode is another interesting feature to start messaging with others. Any of your matches can trigger the conversation, and this messaging system is comparable to social media platforms.
  • You may also use the Events Mode that tracks your activities (likes and mutual likes) in the app. Finally, the last one for you is the Settings Mode that directs you to find links for verification status, friend invitation, and lots of other things. Moreover, you will get options for customizations from this mode.

Profile settings help you to add different details, including relationship status (Single, Divorced, Married, Widowed, Open Relationship, and Seeing Someone), relationship type (polygamous and monogamous), and your purpose (chat, new friends, and dating). These are self-descriptive options, and by using those options, you can make the profile highly informative.

Is Hily A Safe App?

As you need to send your ID photo and a live photo, scammers may not easily use this app. Moreover, Hily uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to know the taste and interests of users. Thus, this app is capable of blocking offensive messages. While you are using the app regularly, you will know how those technologies work.

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