Top 5 Best E-Chat Alternatives

Online Chat

E-Chat is a website wherein numerous chat rooms are available. This makes it easier for the people to make a conversation online. The entire chatting experience is free of cost, and the registration processes are easier as well, making the chatting experience fun.

E-Chats are the preferred chatting platform because one shares common interests with the people with whom one chats. One also has a choice at creating chatrooms of one’s own.

E-Chats are also preferred because their chatrooms are highly responsive, and the use of plugins is not called for. Installation of flashplayer and Java is also not required. Creating an account is nevertheless required. One has a choice at chatting as a guest or creating a permanent account.

At E-chats, one comes across a responsive and a straightforward interface. Only the necessary options and functions are made available at the website, which makes it a lightweight alternative to go for.

Let us take a look at the top 5 best alternatives of E-Chats:

1. Bit Chat

If one is looking for a secure and P2P open source instant messenger, Bit Chat is the choice to go ahead with. Bit Chat ensures good privacy with its end-to-end encryption. This works nicely for either, LAN and Internet chat. Security features of Bit Chat are good.

2. ChatStep

At ChatStep, one has a chance at chatting at an individual level or a group level, as one prefers. Similarly, a user has a choice at joining a chatroom that currently prevails. If not, one can create one’s own chatroom. So, one can make a conversation with any user that is present over the website.

3. Otr.to

For communication with others, Otr.to is an all new way. What makes Otr.to different is that there is no requirement of a server. Otr.to is a private communication medium. There is no need for registration over Otr.to. No fees are charged either.

4. Kandan

Kandan is the platform for chatting with one’s loved ones. It is secure and open source. There is no need to install plugins over Kandan. As a communication platform, Kandan is stable, fast, and safe. It is also available for most of the web browsers.

5. All4Masti

All4Masti is oriented towards fun and entertainment. It is among the largest of platforms over the internet. The chatrooms over the platforms are numerous. There are chatrooms for different countries. Similarly, there are mobile chat rooms, girls’ chat rooms, and so on.

first date

8 Best First Date Conversation Starters to Spark a Romance

Online Chat

Leave all your apprehensions and nerviness behind, while meeting a potential mate on your first date. Your first date should be graceful and in comfortable surroundings. It should be at a place that offers delightful food and solitude, where you can talk easily to know each other better. Find here, few topics you can talk about on your first date.

Here are few topics to focus on during your new date

1. Home & Family

At the onset of your meeting, you can ask your date about where he or she was born, about home, family, etc. This would make an immediate connection and develop some understanding and knowledge on his or her pattern of life. Besides, you can also have some commonalities with that place. Once you exchange those, you will develop definite warmth.

2. A Hypothetical Question On Travel Plans

You can begin by asking a hypothetical question to add some excitement in your chats. You can ask, if she or he has a choice to go on a vacation immediately, what will be that destination? This will turn out to be a moment to open up, as both would start sharing their travel dreams and start discussing in detail. Everybody secretly or openly has some travel plans, so it’s a good route to take to develop familiarity.

3. Share Nicknames

Sharing your nicknames will bring in the fun element in your exchanges. As many nicknames sound funny and you wonder how and why those were used. You can also ask, do the family members still call by that name. This conversation will make you both comfortable with each other.

4. Check eating habits by asking subtle questions

Asking someone about the choice in food can prove intriguing and inappropriate sometimes. Better ask about the best dish your date ever had and where. This answer could turn out to be an elaborate one, taking a good chunk out of the quality time, but it will be worth it, there will be a sure headway in building closer relationships.

5. Bucket list

Asking about the bucket list could be a key topic, as you can judge the life’s goals and dreams of another person. This will also help you in deciding whether the dreams and ambitions of your date are complemented by you or not. In a way, this could be your stop or go-ahead signal.

6. Unique quality in the person

This is a smart question that could hook a fish if the answer is confident and positive. A zestful person with love for life would instantly blurt out his or her unique qualities. A hesitant and not too sure person on other hand would describe dozens of the self-properties. In either of the cases, you can have a better opportunity to judge a person better.

7. Explore childhood activities

Childhood is one thing that everyone cherishes, thus it makes up for the best conversation topic. The chat regarding childhood can bring forward school time pranks, teachers, and favorite subjects, etc. Besides, discussions on other activities like competitive sports, indoor & outdoor games, music, dramatics, etc., will give you a lot of opportunity to get to know each other better.

8. Know about the Pastime

A lot you can understand about your date when you touch this topic of a favorite pastime. Some might say watching TV, doing workouts, hanging out with friends, reading a book, or simply do nothing at all. You can discover and learn about the person based on his/ her pastime choices.

Therefore, stay spontaneous on your first date and keep the conversation going with these topics in mind along with your on-the-spot ideas. Mind it, there would be many other winning moments during dating for you.

Chat App, Best Programming Language, Chat Apps

Best Programming Languages To Build Chat App

Chat Apps are an easy way to incorporate user interactions and demand conversational inputs. Many organizations use Chat Apps like WhatsApp to conduct customer surveys and request user responses. Not to forget the use of Chat applications for frequent interaction with kinsfolk and friends.

The instant messaging features and swift responses keep us engaged for long. Currently, there are many developer-friendly technologies, language options, and tools that you can use to build Chat Apps. Some of these programming languages also allow you to incorporate real-time interaction to provide a more personalized user experience.

The majority of modern chat apps have noteworthy functionalities to provide a versatile chat solution. An ideal chat application can provide multiple potential solutions for personal interaction, enterprise-level communication, e-Commerce chat solutions, and business development communication. For this, the organizations are experimenting with various headway technologies and programming languages to create efficient Chat Apps.

Here are Some of the Best Programming Languages to Build Chat App


It is a chief programming language behind the development of the popular Whatsapp. The primary reasons for which this language is preferred for Chat App development are its sturdy performance, impressive speed, and remarkable scalability. You can update the code instantly on-the-fly to inculcate different functional optimization. The Chat App developed using Erlang can process a high volume of instant short messages at extremely low latency.


Another powerful open source programming language close to Erlang is Ejabberd. You can use the language to enhance operational efficiency and optimize anticipated results. Ejabberd uses the XMPP protocol for processing message delivery. Furthermore, it supports multiple pluggable modules to incorporate numerous features.


Another remarkable technology behind WhatsApp is FreeBSD that allows it to process billions of messages each day. FreeBSD operating system is extensively reliable and has a delicate network stack. You can easily install it and quickly create binary packages.


YAWS or Yet Another Web Server is primarily based on Erlang. You can use YAWS as an embedded web server in combination with other Erlang applications. It allows you to handle concurrent processes more efficiently and ensures high performance.


It is an open-source web server effectively optimized for better performance. Even WhatsApp uses this lightweight webserver to ensure security, flexibility, speed, and compliant features.


It is an open-source language primarily popular for its reliability, efficiency, and performance. You can use the language in combination with AJAX to manage, process, and display user data from the database. It is indeed a developer-friendly language to build a more responsive real-time chat app.


It is a virtual machine for running Erlang. BEAM supports a handful of built-in functions to incorporate essential features. Many modern Chat Apps Contus use the BEAM interface for incorporating different functions such as Processes, Schedulers, Message passing, Multi-core, and Memory Management.

Custom XMPP Server and HTML5 WebSockets

Many modern Chat Apps use a custom XMPP server to enable real-time message exchange. The XML format used by the server is human-oriented and cannot be read by machine learning. Further, these Chat Apps use HTML5 WebSockets to establish a firm connection between the server and the client web browser. Also, the data is sent directly to a socket which ensures faster, more persistent communication.

Mnesia DB

Every application requires a robust database solution. Mnesia DB is a real-time solution for database management based on the Erlang language. Many modern Chat Apps use the Mnesia DB to store user messages, enlist files, register images or videos, enlist documents, and store other multimedia files. You can potentially store any amount of data using robust technology like Mnesia DB.

Messaging App, Lighttpd, PHP

Messaging App with Open Source Languages Lighttpd and PHP

Messaging apps have become an integral part of our day to day lives. We cannot imagine life without Instant-messaging. With numerous active users & real-time communication, the messaging application makes it easier to connect with numerous people around the world.

Long before WhatsApp, Skype was a thing with wide features and instant messaging. Then came the era of WhatsApp which became the most preferred tool of communication is it a cell phone or desktop. The phone bound ID makes WhatsApp reliable along with an end to end encryption.

You can create a messaging app by utilizing open-source platforms like Lighttpd & PHP. Have a closer look at these viable platforms:


Lighttpd or Lighty is an efficient web server designed for a high-performance environment. Lighttpd is synonymous with fast, secure & compliant & flexibility. An alternative to the Apache server, Lighttpd web server works on an operating system like Windows & Linux/ UNIX. The low memory footprint, light CPU load & its high speed makes it a suitable server compared to other servers that suffer load problems. The event-driven architecture of Lighty is optimized for keeping alive a large number of parallel connections.

The Advanced Features Of Lighttpd Include:

  • FastCGI
  • Output Compression
  • URL-Rewriting
  • Authentication
  • Common Gateway Interface (CGI) & many more.

These features make Lighttpd a highly secure, swift & flexible open-source webserver to date.


PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language built way back in 1994. Started as a small open source project, PHP has evolved over the years with its usefulness & simplicity. PHP language is embedded in HTML. It is used to manage database, session tracking, and content & even build e-commerce sites. PHP is a widely used alternative to ASP. PHP is a cross-platform operating on systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.

What Makes PHP A Compelling Language Are The Notable Features Which Include:

  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Familiarity

PHP is a powerful scripting language for making dynamic web pages & messaging apps. This open-source scripting language stays updated with the latest trends in technology.

The messaging market is on a continuous evolution which makes it easier to create a messaging app with open source languages be it on Android or iOS. With Lighttpd & PHP at work, you can create a messaging app with ease. Just keep in mind the platform, features, budget before creating any messaging application.

Raya, Raya Dating App, Dating App For Celebs

Raya- A Sneak Peek Into The Dating App For Celebs

Raya, a Hebrew word for friend, is a dating app for the creative elites. Founded in 2015 by Daniel Gendelman, this iOS-only app garnered much popularity after a few users spotted Hollywood celebrities on Raya. With an aim to curate digital dinner parties, full of passionate & pleasant people, Raya app is meant for dating, networking, and make new friends.

Raya is for exclusive like-minded people, providing them an easy & accessible platform to connect with. Unlike other free apps, Raya is a fee-based app with a minimum of $7.99 per month. Raya links up to your Instagram account instead of Facebook, which sets apart from other apps.

What Makes Raya An Intriguing App?

Given the possibility of dating your favorite star, the app generated a lot of curiosity amongst people. You can find profiles of celebrities, top-level executives, models, photographers, record-label employees, athletes, creative directors, painters & other high-profile singles on Raya app. So, what does the world of Raya offer?

Let’s Delve Into Its Features

Easy to sign up but becoming a member takes time

You can easily sign-up for Raya by filling up a few basic details along with your Instagram credentials, then comes your occupation & career details. Once you provide the needed information, you need to verify your phone number. If you know someone in your contacts a Raya member, you can provide their names so they can provide a referral. Now all you need to do is wait until your application gets approved by the anonymous committee.

Creative & fascinating user profiles

Unlike other apps that allow only photos, Raya aims to make your profile more interesting by creating a short profile video. You can curate photos of yourself along with your favorite soundtrack, which can be viewed by any user before deciding on anything.

Admittance based on the approval of an anonymous committee

If your profile has something exclusive, with a minimum of 5,000 followers on an Instagram account, you can get a nod from the committee. The panel will filter the right applications, thus increasing the credibility of the app. Once you become a member, you can easily find matches. Tap on the checkmark icon to like or “X” icon to pass a match. If it’s a check for both, then only you can start exchanging messages.

Strict adherence to rules & privacy

At Raya people act right because once they misbehave or save a screenshot of any profile or conversation, it might lead to suspension of their account. Raya has a strict policy guideline. All the profiles are thoroughly verified on Instagram, be it a celebrity or any other person. Use of shady words can get you ousted From Raya.

See singles in your immediate vicinity

Not everyone on Raya is a celebrity, you can find innovators, researchers, scientists & many more exciting profiles on Raya. Once you turn the “social-mode” on, you can find people in your immediate vicinity. So, if you both swipe-up right, you can skip texting & just catch up in person at nearby cafes, bars, dance halls. Raya’s member is top-notch without a doubt, so if you’re looking for dating like-minded & intriguing people, Raya’s a match for you.

Clover, Clover Dating App

Clover- The Best App To Find Local Matches

Do you look for a dating app that has both simplicity and innovativeness? Then, Clover is the right choice for you. Especially, men can prefer this app to find the right female partners in their lives. Launched in 2014, Clover has no web platform. Thus, you have to download this app on Android and iOS devices. Let us present you with in-depth information on the app.

How Does Clover Work For You?

Clover uses the GPS data of your device and helps you in finding singles in your locality. The app comes with a special feature for choosing a place and finding a profile.

The Dating App Has Three Major Sections

  1. One of them is the Match Queue to find your matches. Free app users get two options, as they can click on a yellow star or red X sign. The first icon indicates that you added the person to your list of favorites.
  2. The second section of the Clover app is On-Demand Dating. You will find everyone searching for his or her dates. When you have encountered someone special, you may suggest a time and a place to notify that person.
  3. Another section of this app is Clover Mixers that will enable you to browse through groups and create your groups. You may also invite others to join a group.

Clover- Can You Use The App At Free Of Cost?

Users of the free version get limited features, while the premium ones get several advantages. For instance, they can send a message without waiting for a mutual match. Moreover, they can send videos, audios, gifts, and photos. Advanced search filters are also available for these premium users. By choosing the paid version, you can identify those who have visited and checked your profile.

How To Use Clover?

The profile setup process in Clover is similar to what we have found in other dating apps. You need to add photos, choose interests, write a bio, and provide some more information. You may also connect the app to your social media account. You can find space to fill in the details, including body type, height, kids, drinking habits, and religion. To mention your dating intentions, you will get three options- long-term, chat, and friends.

What Makes Clover A Unique Dating App?

You can play a flirting game by answering 20 questions on different topics. You will get two labeled cards, mentioning personality traits (presentable look, spontaneous, and intelligent).

Your answers to questions will be visible to others. However, this game optional, and it is an interesting way of revealing your personality. Thus, play and enjoy this one-time game.

Get Badges For Using Clover

For different accomplishments, you will earn Clover badges, including Perfectionist, Comedian, Night Owl, and Dedicated. However, those badges do not have any value for you.

Is Clover A Safe App?

To maintain your privacy, the app has not made it compulsory for you to display your distance. You may also report anyone and block profiles.

Hily, Hily Dating App

Hily- A Dating App Developed With AI Technology

Hily is one of the most downloaded dating apps for mobile users. Although Hily has lots of features similar to other dating platforms, it employs different matchmaking algorithms. While other apps focus on the members’ geographical location, Hily has highly focused on Machine Learning technology. You can find the common swiping feature in this dating app. However, there are lots of other details to attract your interest in the app.

How Does Hily Work?

The interface of Hily app creates a feel similar to that of Tinder. Hily enables you to play short videos of other members. Surely, you will get fun watching these videos. You will receive a notification while a member has liked your profile.

Although Hily has a free version, the app may ask you to buy Hily Elixir, the premium service. To get more advantages, you may choose this premium version. Hily Elixir gives you a free trial of one week, and then, it automatically asks you to pay for its weekly package.

How To Use Hily?

You may have created your Hily account and logged in to the app. Now, you can find two options. One of them is the Finder mode where you can find lots of profiles. Hily identifies the zip code of your location to find out matches in the nearby location. You can like or dislike those matches by hitting their profile icons. You can click on the Like button of several profiles.

  • The new dating app, Hily has a growing community. It displays you the option of inviting others, and you will get advantages for these invitations.
  • You may invite your Facebook friends and send links to others through email.
  • There is also a Filter option to let you find profiles based on age and gender. Thus, you can hit the best matches in the app, Hily.
  • The Message Mode is another interesting feature to start messaging with others. Any of your matches can trigger the conversation, and this messaging system is comparable to social media platforms.
  • You may also use the Events Mode that tracks your activities (likes and mutual likes) in the app. Finally, the last one for you is the Settings Mode that directs you to find links for verification status, friend invitation, and lots of other things. Moreover, you will get options for customizations from this mode.

Profile settings help you to add different details, including relationship status (Single, Divorced, Married, Widowed, Open Relationship, and Seeing Someone), relationship type (polygamous and monogamous), and your purpose (chat, new friends, and dating). These are self-descriptive options, and by using those options, you can make the profile highly informative.

Is Hily A Safe App?

As you need to send your ID photo and a live photo, scammers may not easily use this app. Moreover, Hily uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to know the taste and interests of users. Thus, this app is capable of blocking offensive messages. While you are using the app regularly, you will know how those technologies work.

E-Chat, Free Chat Site

E-Chat: Free Chat Site to Chat Anything with Anybody

Talking of the best yet simple to use chat site, E-Chat sits right at the top among leading chat sites. It boasts of a lovely yet humble layout of its home page. You just need to sign up or play as a guest to enjoy its amazing chatting potential. This free to use chat site has a huge following, as users throng it from all over the world.

E-Chat Has Some Iconic Benefits

  • You can meet new people with similar interests online at any given time.
  • You can choose or create your own chat room under your control.
  • No plug-ins required as its chat rooms are capable of fast functioning.
  • Every time you log in, you face some random people looking for fun like you do. If you find someone interesting you can get into longer chats. You can video chat or chat through texts for the purpose of fun, dating, or even finding your life partners here.
  • Your created chat icon will help regular users to identify you as you can also recognize them with their icons.

How To Start Using E-Chat?

E-chat is uncomplicated to use chat site with a simple layout, which makes it a user-friendly chat site. There are very few options visible on the home page to start, but these will take you to a big fun time chatting world of random people. These random people could be from practically anywhere in the world.

You need to take one of the two options, entering by signing up or by playing as a guest user. When you want to sign up, you need to sign with an email & password. Also, you have to make a unique username. After this, you need to press CAPTCHA to ensure you are not a robot. Once done, you are off to discover an enchanting chatting world. You can also use other options of a Guest users after using any user name to enjoy a fun-filled chat time.

How To Begin Chatting On E-Chat?

The new users at chat sites often found a hurdle, how to start chatting when online with a random person. You can try some useful tips when you begin chatting on e-chat. A ‘hi’ is the initial blow to cut the ice, next you can ask about interests and occupation of the chatting partner. After you exchange some lines, you start getting some ideas regarding your chat partner. You can decide to continue for a longer time or terminate the chats early. Select the right chat rooms, as per your passion for random chats.

Choose One Chat Room Complementing Your Taste

When you will enter the site, you will find interesting chat rooms depicting different passions of the people. These chat rooms mostly include people with different orientations of sex chats, lesbians, homosexuals, romance, and normal one-on-one chats. Besides, there would be chat rooms for people with religious faiths and other traits. You can create your own chat room and invite your friends to join you to chat. You can have complete control over the chat room’s functions.

OkCupid, OkCupid App

OkCupid App- Finding A Dating Partner Becomes Easy

The present dating landscape reveals an increasing number of connections with innovatively designed dating apps. OkCupid also comes up as one of the dating platforms to let you send messages to your chosen partners. After a thorough testing and iterating process, OkCupid has finally entered the world of online dating.

Most of the users have sent positive feedback on the OKC app, as they are not receiving offensive messages. Although OKC has a web platform for its users, you can download the app on your Android or iOS devices. Based on oddities, interests, and beliefs, you may find the right match.

How Does OkCupid Work?

OkCupid presents you with two ways of finding potential dates- Match Search and DoubleTake. The first one is common to most of the dating apps. You need to filter out your matches to find the right person. You can find an attractiveness rating as one of the sorting options. Conversely, Double Take offers you a view of the individuality of each person.

Guide To Using OkCupid-

  • Install the app, OkCupid, and create your account by providing an email address or Facebook account details.
  • Take some personality quizzes and set up your profile
  • Choose the DoubleTake option to have a view of others’ profiles. Click on the Star to show that you have liked the profile.
  • Now, to find different profiles, go to Browse Matches. You can find a list showing who you like. Select one of the persons and send the first message.
  • To open a conversation, you need to click on the icon, speech bubble.

OkCupid- Is It The Right App For Every User?

OkCupid has turned out to be the best app for those who do not prefer mindless swiping gestures to search for matches. When you are not desperate to look for a soul mate for marriage, you can choose this app. Still, OKC helps you to make your connections last longer. A blend of non-traditional algorithm and unique questions is a foolproof option to find the right partner. Thus, you can judge the traits and personality of your chosen partner. It would also be easy to present yourself as one of the romantic partners.

Interesting Things About The App OkCupid

OKC has introduced a new type of matchmaking scheme by presenting a series of questions. You can swipe the screen to the left side to know the similarities of you and another OKC user. Based on ethics, religious beliefs, and lifestyle, you will find those similarities. After you have answered questions, you can find a percentage of the match with your partner. Moreover, you will know whether the person is neat or messy, conservative or liberal, and passive or dominant.

Is It Safe To Use OkCupid?

OkCupid has added a feature to protect the personal information of users. You may chat with others anonymously. However, you need to be serious while choosing someone to share your personal details with him or her. There is an open messaging system, enabling you to communicate with others without using tools for personal communication.

Bumble App, Bumble, Dating Apps

Bumble App- A Female-Friendly Dating Platform With Lots Of Features

Nowadays, both men and women turn to online dating apps to find their soul mates. Every hookup app or dating app released in the market creates a buzz among Play Store and App Store users. Surely, Bumble has also become a favorite app to those who are looking for a perfect date. Bumble presently has millions of users all over the world, and most of them are below 35 years of age. As Bumble is a free mobile app, it comes with options for upgrades. For instance, an update to Bumble Boost helps you in re-matching with your past matches.

How Does Bumble Help You To Find Your Dating Partner?

Use a mobile number or Facebook account to create your profile in the Bumble app. Bumble gives you an option for choosing up to 6 photos and writing a bio of 300 characters. You may also connect Bumble with your Instagram account. Bumble filters help you in refining the match queue.

Tips To Use Bumble App

Similar to other dating apps, the Bumble app needs a swiping gesture to present you with the right matches. You can see photos and detailed information on others’ profiles. Use bumble coins, the in-app currency to reveal your interest in your partner. You will find a row of Match Queue. By tapping the icon of your chosen partner, you can start the chat.

Be bold to make your move and say hello within 24 hours. Or else, the match will not remain valid.

How Bumble Is A Versatile App

The uniqueness of Bumble lies in the fact that it has three modes, and you may toggle between those modes for your needs. Bumble is something more than a mere dating app. You can create a dating profile to make it visible only for the Data mode. The BFF mode is best for finding friends of the same genders. Then, another one is the Bizz mode, helping you to create a network to build your career.

Why Do Women Prefer The App?

Bumble has made a women-centered approach to create its app. You may have heard that lots of women on other dating apps complained against receiving demeaning messages from men. That is why Bumble has given women an opportunity to start the conversation. Women can send out their first message to trigger a conversation. This feature of Bumble has made women feel safe.

Is It Safe To Use Bumble?

The profile verification feature has made Bumble the best app to find a reliable partner. The app prompts you to snap a selfie in a gesture. However, others will see that selfie photo. Your matches will find the checkmark, added to your profile after the verification process.

Moreover, Bumble has recently integrated an AI-enabled Private Detector tool to prevent users from receiving and sending lewd photos. The system can scan the unsolicited images and blur them automatically. Thus, Bumble has created a safe place to chat with your partners for dating and other purposes.