OkCupid App- Finding A Dating Partner Becomes Easy

The present dating landscape reveals an increasing number of connections with innovatively designed dating apps. OkCupid also comes up as one of the dating platforms to let you send messages to your chosen partners. After a thorough testing and iterating process, OkCupid has finally entered the world of online dating.

Most of the users have sent positive feedback on the OKC app, as they are not receiving offensive messages. Although OKC has a web platform for its users, you can download the app on your Android or iOS devices. Based on oddities, interests, and beliefs, you may find the right match.

How Does OkCupid Work?

OkCupid presents you with two ways of finding potential dates- Match Search and DoubleTake. The first one is common to most of the dating apps. You need to filter out your matches to find the right person. You can find an attractiveness rating as one of the sorting options. Conversely, Double Take offers you a view of the individuality of each person.

Guide To Using OkCupid-

  • Install the app, OkCupid, and create your account by providing an email address or Facebook account details.
  • Take some personality quizzes and set up your profile
  • Choose the DoubleTake option to have a view of others’ profiles. Click on the Star to show that you have liked the profile.
  • Now, to find different profiles, go to Browse Matches. You can find a list showing who you like. Select one of the persons and send the first message.
  • To open a conversation, you need to click on the icon, speech bubble.

OkCupid- Is It The Right App For Every User?

OkCupid has turned out to be the best app for those who do not prefer mindless swiping gestures to search for matches. When you are not desperate to look for a soul mate for marriage, you can choose this app. Still, OKC helps you to make your connections last longer. A blend of non-traditional algorithm and unique questions is a foolproof option to find the right partner. Thus, you can judge the traits and personality of your chosen partner. It would also be easy to present yourself as one of the romantic partners.

Interesting Things About The App OkCupid

OKC has introduced a new type of matchmaking scheme by presenting a series of questions. You can swipe the screen to the left side to know the similarities of you and another OKC user. Based on ethics, religious beliefs, and lifestyle, you will find those similarities. After you have answered questions, you can find a percentage of the match with your partner. Moreover, you will know whether the person is neat or messy, conservative or liberal, and passive or dominant.

Is It Safe To Use OkCupid?

OkCupid has added a feature to protect the personal information of users. You may chat with others anonymously. However, you need to be serious while choosing someone to share your personal details with him or her. There is an open messaging system, enabling you to communicate with others without using tools for personal communication.

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