Top 5 Best E-Chat Alternatives

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E-Chat is a website wherein numerous chat rooms are available. This makes it easier for the people to make a conversation online. The entire chatting experience is free of cost, and the registration processes are easier as well, making the chatting experience fun.

E-Chats are the preferred chatting platform because one shares common interests with the people with whom one chats. One also has a choice at creating chatrooms of one’s own.

E-Chats are also preferred because their chatrooms are highly responsive, and the use of plugins is not called for. Installation of flashplayer and Java is also not required. Creating an account is nevertheless required. One has a choice at chatting as a guest or creating a permanent account.

At E-chats, one comes across a responsive and a straightforward interface. Only the necessary options and functions are made available at the website, which makes it a lightweight alternative to go for.

Let us take a look at the top 5 best alternatives of E-Chats:

1. Bit Chat

If one is looking for a secure and P2P open source instant messenger, Bit Chat is the choice to go ahead with. Bit Chat ensures good privacy with its end-to-end encryption. This works nicely for either, LAN and Internet chat. Security features of Bit Chat are good.

2. ChatStep

At ChatStep, one has a chance at chatting at an individual level or a group level, as one prefers. Similarly, a user has a choice at joining a chatroom that currently prevails. If not, one can create one’s own chatroom. So, one can make a conversation with any user that is present over the website.


For communication with others, is an all new way. What makes different is that there is no requirement of a server. is a private communication medium. There is no need for registration over No fees are charged either.

4. Kandan

Kandan is the platform for chatting with one’s loved ones. It is secure and open source. There is no need to install plugins over Kandan. As a communication platform, Kandan is stable, fast, and safe. It is also available for most of the web browsers.

5. All4Masti

All4Masti is oriented towards fun and entertainment. It is among the largest of platforms over the internet. The chatrooms over the platforms are numerous. There are chatrooms for different countries. Similarly, there are mobile chat rooms, girls’ chat rooms, and so on.

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