Raya, Raya Dating App, Dating App For Celebs

Raya- A Sneak Peek Into The Dating App For Celebs

Raya, a Hebrew word for friend, is a dating app for the creative elites. Founded in 2015 by Daniel Gendelman, this iOS-only app garnered much popularity after a few users spotted Hollywood celebrities on Raya. With an aim to curate digital dinner parties, full of passionate & pleasant people, Raya app is meant for dating, networking, and make new friends.

Raya is for exclusive like-minded people, providing them an easy & accessible platform to connect with. Unlike other free apps, Raya is a fee-based app with a minimum of $7.99 per month. Raya links up to your Instagram account instead of Facebook, which sets apart from other apps.

What Makes Raya An Intriguing App?

Given the possibility of dating your favorite star, the app generated a lot of curiosity amongst people. You can find profiles of celebrities, top-level executives, models, photographers, record-label employees, athletes, creative directors, painters & other high-profile singles on Raya app. So, what does the world of Raya offer?

Let’s Delve Into Its Features

Easy to sign up but becoming a member takes time

You can easily sign-up for Raya by filling up a few basic details along with your Instagram credentials, then comes your occupation & career details. Once you provide the needed information, you need to verify your phone number. If you know someone in your contacts a Raya member, you can provide their names so they can provide a referral. Now all you need to do is wait until your application gets approved by the anonymous committee.

Creative & fascinating user profiles

Unlike other apps that allow only photos, Raya aims to make your profile more interesting by creating a short profile video. You can curate photos of yourself along with your favorite soundtrack, which can be viewed by any user before deciding on anything.

Admittance based on the approval of an anonymous committee

If your profile has something exclusive, with a minimum of 5,000 followers on an Instagram account, you can get a nod from the committee. The panel will filter the right applications, thus increasing the credibility of the app. Once you become a member, you can easily find matches. Tap on the checkmark icon to like or “X” icon to pass a match. If it’s a check for both, then only you can start exchanging messages.

Strict adherence to rules & privacy

At Raya people act right because once they misbehave or save a screenshot of any profile or conversation, it might lead to suspension of their account. Raya has a strict policy guideline. All the profiles are thoroughly verified on Instagram, be it a celebrity or any other person. Use of shady words can get you ousted From Raya.

See singles in your immediate vicinity

Not everyone on Raya is a celebrity, you can find innovators, researchers, scientists & many more exciting profiles on Raya. Once you turn the “social-mode” on, you can find people in your immediate vicinity. So, if you both swipe-up right, you can skip texting & just catch up in person at nearby cafes, bars, dance halls. Raya’s member is top-notch without a doubt, so if you’re looking for dating like-minded & intriguing people, Raya’s a match for you.